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In addition by enab. Iling in store pick up for EC sal. Kes we are encouraging customers to visit physical stores which is useful for improving cross selling. Reference “Re accele. Irating Growth” Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. Mujirushi Ryohin A feature of MUJI s o. Kmni channel strategy which is a major retail brand is that it is bas on the smartphone app MUJI passport. MUJI passport enables inventory search. Ies and online shopping as well as a mileage type point program that can accumulat through shop. Iping and store visits.

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Willingness to purchase. Reference MUJI passport won the Concept Award at the Fashion EC Awards Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd. Nitori Nitori a major furniture brand is developing a numr of omni channel strategies that highly integrate physical stores and online. For exam Hungary Phone Number List ple the company attach a QR code to products plac in physical stores and by scanning the QR code customers can easily purchase and home delivery procures with the app. When purchasing furniture the dilemma of I want to see the real thing but it s a hassle to bring it home tends to occur. In that respect Nitori s measures can consider an effective move that is close to the customer s psychology and convenience. Reference Completely New Possibilities for Customer Experience NITORI s O O Promotion Office Launches Nitori Holding. summary By linking data in all channels whether online or offline through omni channelization cross channel strategies can realiz.

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Satisfaction promote customer analysis and centralize inventory management. In order to promote an omni channel strategy it is essential to deepen cust Email Data omer understanding and improve customer experience through data analysis.  the customer experience using digital technology.In recent years we often hear the term “digital shift” but many people are probably wondering what kind of initiatives it specifically refers to. Currently society as a whole is shifting to digital and the digital shift is progressing from private companies to government.

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