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In this article we will explain the outline and flow of the digital shift as well as important ideas for its success . table of contents What is Digital Shift Reasons for digital shift Flow to realize digital shift Important Ideas for Realizing the Digital Shift summary What is Digital Shift Digital shift refers to the transition of analog operations and business models in corporate activities to digital.

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Originally sold only in stores can sold at newly open online stores data input that was previously handl manually can automat with RPA and paper advertisements can shift to web advertisements. In an era where the digitalization of society is progressing there is a risk Israel Phone Number List that we will left hind the times if we continue to operate and business models that use analog methods indefinitely. A digital shift is necessary to meet the nes of the digital society and compete on the same playing field as our competitors. In recent years the digital shift has en accelerating not only in private companies but also in governments. It just shows that society as a whole is transitioning to digital. Difference tween digital shift and DX DX stands for “digital transformation ” which means the transformation of operations and business models through the use of digital technology.

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DX is not about streamlining operations

Using digital tools and systems but a large scale transformation of the entire business model. Digital shift on the other hand refers to partial digiti Email Data zation. It is a shift to digital in small units such as from manual work to RPA from paper  stores to online shops. In other words the image is that DX can realiz when the digital shift is successful. The digital shift will improve operational efficiency and productivity and as a result will bring about changes in how the entire organization approaches operations and business models.

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