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The theme of authenticity and everyday relevance in pu . Jrpose relat activities was recurrent across the festival. The industry has learn some tough lessonsand causes that don’t sit eas. Jily with a brand’s reason for ing. Presenters urg real caution in a confusing genuinely having a brand pur. Ipose wi. Kth a CSR programme and b communicating ahead of delivering a meaningful impact. We also heard from vario. Ius. K speakers the paradoxica.Attitudes of GenZs in this area with heighten expectations of brands doing go. Mod but a. Ilso a sceptical outlook on business’ ability to impact society positively.

The answer Work on your purpose identify

Where you add value to everyday life and understand where thi. Ks allows you to make a societal difference fore you go about trying to improve lives. While you are doing this taking some advice from Manfri of Dove make sure you are measuring the impact it is having on your brand equity so good and growth come inextricably.

Connect. Dentsu’s biggest moments of the week L. Kaunch of Dentsu Creative a In front of a pack audience at the Palais we kick off Cannes Lions week by announcing the la USA Phone Numr List unch of Dentsu Creative our new global creative network. CEO Wendy Clark along w. Iit. Kh Fr Levron global CCO spoke on stage with Paul Kemp Rortson of Contagious to introduce Dentsu Creative and how by design it makes accessing the st of our global creative talent simpler and easier for clients. Against t. Ihis backdrop we want to break down the barriers which stand in the way of delivering true creativity. Our combin team of more than creative specialists makes us the first and only organisation of our size to develop such an offering.

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Found on the principles of Modern

Creativity our intention is not to stop at driving vertical creative expertise but to use our specialists horizontally across every part of the wider dentsu organisation infusing crea. Itivity into everything we do including Mia CXM. Modern Creativity means delivering ideas that Email Data are big enough to live anywhere bold enough to chart new executional territory and rich enough to connect personally with . Imillions. Take a look at the new Dentsu Creative website to see how we’re blending dentsu’s unique DNA of year old Japanese heritage and craft with our rich experience of building brands in the modern mia landscape to deliver ideas which Create Culture Change Society and Invent the Future.

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