Castlin and James Hankins founder of Vizer

Brand Performance’ ‘Commerce’ and the path to gro. Iwth There was a real feeling that the industry is asking some fundamental questions of the suppos laws of brand buil. Iding and growth in the face of fast changing circumstances. There is nothing like a cost to drive iconoclast. Iic questions. How should resources be allocat to different types of activity and how should we connect them up to max. Iimum effect Some accept truths are being subject to very robust challenges. We heard Marisa Thalberg CMO of US retailer Lowe’s calling for performance marketing to be rebrand as it currently implies that other acti. Ivities don’t work.

During the same seminar Nadja Bellan

White CMO of Vice Mia stress measurement expertise was becomi. Ing the biggest item on the marketing learning agenda as brand owners try to get to grips with big questions on brand gr. Oowth. Dom Boyd of Kantar shar a landmark study analysing the performance of BrandZ’s fastest growing bran. Nds. His conclusion was that differentiation not distinctiveness alone drives UK Phone Number List profitabl .  Ne growth. He propos a meaning rich growth model of ‘mental physical connectivity’ to replace the meaning lite ‘mental physical availability’. During a particularly outstanding presentation strategy consultant JP Consulting shar th. Meir thesis on ‘The gravity of ecommerce’ which suggest ecommerce’s ‘honeymoon period’ is over. Their argument is that the era of profit free growth fund by venture capital is also over.

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The cost of delivery and returns

Mean that the current ecommerce model can never be profitable and whilst consumers demand next day delivery businesses will increasingly have to mitigate this unprofitability with moves into retail mia and smart fulfilment deals. Some serious food for thought here. It is clear Email Data CMOs and the strategy community are preparing for a challenging period with a spirit of open enquiry and fresh thinking. We will emerge from the next twelve months with a very different view on the path to growth. Brand purpose what is it and does it matter Brand purpose was one of the most hotly debat topics in Cannes. This has definitely been the case over the last few festivals but the feeling this time was different.

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