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The background is that telework was introduc to secure human resources by creating an environment where employees can raise children and care for family memrs while working. After that in the late 1990s government l reforms relat to telework were implement. In the telework spread nationwide through efforts such as the implementation of special loans to support telework and the establishment of the Telework Promotion Forum.

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Have en promot since the latter half of 2010 the numr of companies implementing telework will increase. Since 2020 it has en rapidly introduc as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection. In recent years as part of BCP measures that consider the promotion of di Mexico Phone Number List erse work styles and the risk of the spread of infectious diseases and disaster risks telecom muting has companies and employees. Since Octor 2011 LLSYSTEM24 Co. Ltd. which has en promoting teleworking contact centers will conduct a survey of job seekers on their nes for working from home in Novemr. As a result of conducting a questionnaire for a total of 1 000 men and women in their teens to 60s about  answer that they would like to work from home.

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Among people in their teens and twenties is remarkable and about 80 of the respondents answer that they would like to work from home. 30s. Job seekers who answer that they want to work from home cit the following three main reasons for wanting to work from home. Work witho Email Data ut worrying about human relations no commute time Able to balance work and private life Approximately 70 of job seekers who answer that they would like to work from home tend to emphasize work life balance suggesting that this trend is particularly pronounc among young people in their teens to.

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