Using diagrams such as flow charts

Also even if there is a QA if the content is written and the operator cannot read it out as it is it is necessary to rewrite the answer . If the granularity of QA is different for the topic of the inquiry and the same QA exists for different topics or conversely if there are multiple QA that correspond to the same topic the phrases of frequently ask questions Therefore we will consolidate QA and make it the optimal granularity so that we can respond with less.

Even if there is a large volume of inquiries

For complex questions that cannot answer one by one questions that are difficult to answer questions relat to individual events etc. we devis answers to ensure seamless human response each time. I m going to devise a sentence that leads. It is also effective to con Albania Phone Number List scious of so that the operator does not mislead. QA knowlge is not finish once it is creat and submitt. Continuous improvement is necessary such as adjusting the contents according to the inquiry trend at that time and replacing the QA for those with seasonality. Even if the volume of inquiries is small events such as campaigns that occur suddenly and are difficult to disseminate are also subject to automatic display in knowlge recommendations.

list of phone numbers

So far we have introduc how to associate

Knowlge with queries. This is not the whole point but what is important is that the QA is display at the right granularity and with the right content for the custo Email Data mer s phrasing and topic ing talk about. In order to solve these problems it is important to sharpen knowlge from multiple perspectives. Link the target FAQ knowlge Decide who will use the knowlge recommendation tool The knowlge recommendation tool does not ne to us by everyone in the center.

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