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 Import Export: In this section, you can export or import the theme configuration to use on other websites. Installation Demo: From this section you can quickly add templates created by the team. Extensions: Various options for free extensions that you have installed are displayed here. If you have a version of the extension, this option will be replaced by the “ license” section. Licenses: In this section, you can manage the license key for paid extensions.

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 Use Custom Pages and Posts In addition to the general  latest database  configuration of your website via the “ theme panel”, you can also make advanced customization at the page and entry level. After you install the extension, in each article, a box appears at the bottom of the editor so that you can customize it and feel comfortable. The options you can manage by default are: Main: In this tab, you can decide whether a page post has a sidebar, on which side, f

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ull width, and whether there is a margin at the top and bottom of the relevant page Short code: This topic gives you a number of locations on the web to add short code. In the top bar, header, body, sidebar, footer, etc. In each option, you can add different levels  Email Data  of content. Title: Here you can decide if a post has a top bar or title. If you’re sure it does have a title, you can customize the menu’s style( minimal, transparent, centered).

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