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 Logos: Add a custom logo to each page post and configure it independently to your liking. Menu: Select the menu, font options, and all of their options that you want to display in each post, as well as all the color possibilities for links, buttons, and so on. Title: In this section you can determine if you want to display the title of the topic and customize some options. Breadcrumbs: Activate Disable Breadcrumbs from here and configure the link option.

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Footer: The bottom widget section and or the bottom footer( copyright and law menu in this    special data  section are usually located here). You can also select a template from the “ theme panel” library to replace the default content. Keep in mind that if you have any free or paid extensions, configuration options will increase and you can also configure them from the Options box. Video Tutorial Now that I’ve told you how to customize the theory of the subject, make sure to watch the following video,

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 which I’ll expand on in my spare time: Conclusion is a must-have extension for turning Bruce Banner into the Invincible Hulk. Keep in mind that other similar themes offer all of these options in their paid versions, so for this purpose alone, choosing  Email Data as your website theme is well worth it. Now that you know, install and take your theme to the next level. In this way, I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will get a lot of use from it.

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