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Machine learning and AI-generated content continue to grow as content marketing tactics, but Google doesn’t seem happy about it.

The Helpful Content update was release this year to remind webmasters to create people-first content. This may not look good for people who have invested in AI-generated content.

These automated tools are built to take keywords and ideas from what is already existing in search results and spin them to avoid plagiarism. That goes against what Google is looking for, which is authentic and unique content create by humans for humans. Read more from the developers on people-first content. We’re expecting to see more brands working on sounding more human in their content, with personality, tone, and thought put into it.

Data-Driven Content

Besides making content authentic, data can help seal the deal regarding decision-making. Document how you’ve solved problems from previous clients and turn them into numbers or case studies. Visitors who might be facing the same issues will be reassure by the fact that you have dealt with it before.

DEI or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts have grown in the last couple of years but still need to be improved. Facebook Latest Mailing Database IQ reveals that 71% of consumers expect brands to include diversity and inclusion in their digital marketing efforts, while 54% don’t feel culturally represented in online ads. And based on simulations, the winning strategy in 90% of cases for increasing ad recall was diverse representation.

Need we say more? Other benefits of DEI include a 40% increase in employee retention/acquisition, 37.6% improved brand reputation, and 27.7% improved relationships with stakeholders.

Is Your Content Keeping Up

Latest Mailing Database

In summary, marketers are trying out new strategies but with less focus on sales and more focus on brand awareness, product and service introductions, and improving customer experience. Some marketers might Email Data be doing influencer marketing for the first time, while others may not find voice search their top priority for 2023. While all these trends may be overwhelming, the bottom line is you don’t need to buy in all at once. See what works for your business, and don’t hesitate to experiment. We’re here to help.

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