Personal brand and online reputation guide for professionals and managers

Yoriento was the name I chose for this blog in 2006 (inspired, by the way. By the appearance of the telephone company Yoigo) as a simple description of the work. I had been doing since 1992 in professional guidance and human resources. Years later, this “brand” has become more complex and has incorporated elements related to my activities and services related to the advice and training of managers and people professionals and with professional reinvention and the world of entrepreneurs. Also the reach that Yoriento has obtained on social networks.

Rules for success on

Something unthinkable at the beginning of my online presence, has influenced and influences the perception of what I do and what I can do and on my decisions when it comes to Crypto Email List focusing my professional future. And of course, the online visibility that almost all professionals have conditions, for better and worse, our public behavior. Before publishing something on the internet, pass it 3 FILTERS: Will it improve my personal or professional life? Is it useful, interesting or fun? Would you want to read it if you were someone else?

Twitter Brand is what you want to sell; reputation is what they buy from you; professionalism, what you demonstrate. Summarizing the concepts related to personal branding, I could say that professionalism is the quality of your product or service; marketing is about creating and presenting a brand; advertising is the dissemination of that brand; and networking, the use of relationships and social proof or recommendations from clients and contacts. BRAND I am a professional. ADVERTISING I am a professional.

They told me you are a professional

 You are a professional. Concepts related to personal brand Branding is being in the minds of the customers you want to find you. Ask yourself: Why am I not the chosen Email Data professional? Have you ever thought about why someone else was chosen for that position when you have an even more professional profile? The longer it takes you to define yourself, the longer it will take them to find you. 

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