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Ability to is a word misleading? In this article, by misleading words, I mean terms that initially mislead us. The terms have meanings of their own that are not logical and Ability to difficult to deuce. So the meaning is surprising. Misleading words in other languages Misleading words with a surprising meaning do not only occur in Dutch or German, of course. Other languages ​​also have words and expressions that can be very misleading. But we don’t always notice this right away! Some Ability to examples: spice nut . I’m longing for it again, eating delicious kruidnoten with Sinterklaas. A Fleming might think differently. 

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Buy a baby flemings buy children. This sounds strange to a Dutch person. Dutch people just have children. Baguette magic . This French photo editor word has nothing to do with baguette, as you might think at first. ‘Baguette magique’ is the French word for magic wand. Baguette chinoise . This isn’t baguette either. ‘Baguette chinoise’ are chopsticks. Deuction spot . A place where men can kill themselves? Appearances are deceiving! You read the word and immeiately think too much from your own mother tongue. But in South Africa they mean a ‘parking spot’ along the highway with the word deuction spot. Very innocent free room.

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This is also South African. When we hear the word, we immeiately envision it: a room that is perfect for making love. Mispoes – this South African word simply refers to a guest room. polluzione . At first glance, the Italian word ‘polluzione’ resembles the English word ‘pollution’. But don’t fall into the trap. ‘Polluzione’ means wet dream. Of course, in languages ​​that are closely relate to Dutch, such as Germanic languages, we find a lot of misleading words. There are a Email Data  lot of German words that are misleading. It’s just a shame that the German language has lost a lot of popularity.

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