Best iPad Apps for Students

Getting an iPad for college is now almost an essential. There are simply so many iPad apps nowadays built to help make studying easier, get organized better, and stay on top of all the million things you’ve got going on. To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the best iPad apps for students to download. How did these apps make the list? We looked at 3 factors when choosing the best iPad apps for students: Price: We only included apps that are within a student budget — or better yet, free. App Store Rating: All these apps have a ranking of 4/5 stars on the App Store. Usefulness: Which apps will help you get better grades and succeed in school? Now without further ado, check out the 1. Grammarly Price: Free ‍Rating in App Store: 4.4 If you’re using your iPad to type your essays, reports.

Things you can do with Grammarly

Proofread your essays or papers (so you don’t have to read it over again) Give you stylistic suggestions on how to sound more confident, professional, or direct Spellcheck as you write 2. Notion Price: Free Rating in App Store: 4 Notion gives you the tools to build your own wiki or dashboard for school. It can be a workspace and a master inventory for your schedule, to-dos, notes. There is Jamaica Mobile Number List  a bit of a learning curve when starting out with Notion. But the good thing is that there are thousands of templates tutorials, and inspo online that can help inspire how you use Notion. ‍ Things you can do with Notion: Organize your school schedule and calendar Keep track of all your schoolwork, assignments, and exams Bookmark or organize your reading list 3. GoodNotes Price: Free for first 3 notebooks, then a one-off purchase of $8.99. Rating in App Store.

Things you can do with GoodNotes

Take notes and record audio during lectures, then play it back when revising When it’s time to study for exams, create flashcards straight from your notes. GoodNotes won Apple’s very own 2022 iPad App of the Year Award. So of course we had to include it in this best iPad apps for students list. 4. Forest Price: $5.99 Rating in App Store: 4.8 Image from Forest Looking for a way to stay focused Email Data while studying? This is the best iPad app for when its crunch time and you need to stay distraction-free. Meet Forest, the app that turns time management into a game. Plant a tree whenever you need to stay off your iPad, and watch your little seedling grow into a tree as the timer ticks down. But beware: Switch to.

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