By introducing this online recruitment it is possible

In the past recruitment activities were aim at job seekers near the base center so the minimum requirement for hiring was to live in the surrounding area and able to work at the base center. By combining it with the contact center it is possible to target all areas in Japan including there are no base centers and further acceleration of the expansion of home contact centers can expect. Regarding the recruitment process in the past when an application was receiv there was a face to face interview .

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That allows you to engage in work without coming to work. Submission of requir documents can also done consistently from electronic signatures to confirmation of certificates through the online system making it possible to complete procures more quickly than fore.  to recruit regardless of location so we have en able to establish a recruitment network that covers all of Japan ce Oman Phone Number List nter on the 39 bases currently deploy by LLSYSTEM24. increase. This will make it easier to secure employment making it possible to realize a completely home bas contact center . Total coordination of home contact center LLSYSTEM24 Inc. provides the home contact center solution ll Home and realizes total coordination that covers recruitment home operation and the introduction of advanc technology that realizes advanc operation.

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There are points for the total coordination

Of ll Home ne is that all of Japan centering on locations nationwide is target for recruitment making it easier to secure human resources and making it possible to mai Email Data ntain quality by securing employment. The second is the home operation design back by more than years of contact center management know how. The third is to arrange a voice platform such as llCloud and a CRM platform such as Salesforce according to the existing network environment of the center and realize the construction of an environment for voice calls and customer management equivalent to that of the center.

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