You just need to point your domain to it to be activated

Where you can buy aTLD domain for USD $5.98 . Advertising Tip: acquire domains from both TLDs and , because if you want to expand your e-commerce internationally in the future, you won’t run the risk of someone else acquiring the domain. 4 – SSL Certificate. Explaining in a simple way, the SSL Certificate is that padlock icon that appears next to the address of a website. This certificate confirms to visitors that their navigation on. The site is protected by encryption and that their data is safe from any attempted violation. When a website does not have this certificate. Browsers alert the visitor to be careful, as their navigation. Is not protected and their data can be stolen. At this point, both solutions offer this certificate for free, you just need to point your domain to it to be activated

In a few hours  Applications and feature

The applications and resources offered by infrastructure solutions for virtual stores are essential for you to integrate the best and most current technologies, tools and resources into your store. Shopify, as of this writing, is the solution with the most apps on offer. It has over 8,000 apps available for use. For alone, Shopify has over  Japan Phone Number List  400 apps , including apps that integrate with the best providers . Advertising One of their top apps is DSers‑AliExpress with over 12k reviews and 5 star rating. You also have the most complete offer of applications for shipping logistics and product management on the market (684 applications), such as the Correios ‑ SEDEX ‑ PAC application, which allows you to calculate freight and delivery time at checkout, in addition to integration with the main carriers in Brazil.

And Shopify even has valuable features

for building your store, such as business name generator, domain name generator, free stock image and others. Cartpanda, as of this writing, has a total of 61 apps. Like Shopify, it also offers apps for dropshippig and logistics. There are a total of 6 applications, one of the main ones being the Dropi application, which integrates AliExpress and CJ products. As for applications related to logistics, the solution offers only 4 options, namely: Melhor Envio, Muambator Email Data and RastreioZap. With that, we can conclude that in terms of offering apps and features, Shopify surpasses Cartpanda. 6 – Payment gateways and checkouts. In this regard, either Shopify or Cartpanda, both offer integration with the best payment gateways available on the market. This means you can choose popular gateways like Mercado Pago,, AppMax, Pagseguro, Stripe or PayPal. Here, it is worth noting that both.

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