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That is why almost 69% of employers work with marketing departments on this task. And now the icing on the cake. There is no shortage of former employees employer in the network. However, single negative opinions do not determine anything. 62% of job seekers change their perception of a company after an employer responds to these types of reviews. It is reassuring that over 60% of people are intereste in hearing both sides when forming their own opinions. Shaping the company’s image on the example of selecte brands Why reinvent the wheel or open the door? There are many entities around us that, knowing how important it is to shape the company’s image and that it is worth it, have applie themselves to it.

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The effects can be seen with the nake eye – these are brands. It is worth taking advantage of their experience and learning from the best, perhaps avoiding a few mistakes. Let’s analyze the tactics of some of the most influential brands in the phone number list world. apple . When you say this name, you probably think of Steve Jobs, who was a true visionary. However,s when it focuse on the simplicity and great design of its products. Now millions of enthusiasts of this brand will not even touch other products. Even those who are a bit stuck in the Apple ecosystem find it difficult to switch to something else. Microsoft . Bill Gates create the best operating system of his time.

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Apple only became truly successful

Despite this, he did not start selling Microsoft Email Data computers. Instead, it license Windows to all other computer manufacturers in the market. Shaping the image in this way was much more lucrative for him. He use the power of other companies to make his company billions of dollars. Google. The company focuse all its energy on building a product search engine that would be more useful to users than anything else.

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