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Reviewing the product lineup is also effective in increasing the purchase rate. Bas on the nes identifi in our research we will create a lineup center on what customers truly want. It is also necessary to check whether the product price is appropriate. Let s review whether the current price is appropriate while referring to the creat positioning map. Decrease or increase prices as necessary. Measures to raise the average spending per customer Proposing cross selling products is an effective way to increase the average spend per customer.

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Keyboard for a person who bought a PC. By getting customers to buy relat products together you can increase the average spend per customer. Suggest an upsell product. Upselling is when you offer a higher grade product than what the customer is about to buy. In addition selling products that are often purchas together as a set and reviewing prices are also effective measu Macedonia Phone Number List res to improve the average spend per customer. What are the keys to successful store marketing Even if you work blindly you won t get results easily. First of all let s extract the problem and make a hypothesis from there. By making a hypothesis you can see what you should do concretely. Repeating the procure of formulating a hypothesis and verifying it and if the problem cannot solv formulating another hypothesis and verifying it leads to improvement. Also focus on online as well as offline marketing activities.

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And the use of SNS your recognition will spread outside the trade area so people who come nearby for some business may come to visit. After implem Email Data enting the measures verify their effectiveness. It is necessary to collect both  are properly achiev. We also have to think about creating a mechanism for collecting the data necessary for analysis. summary Proper in store marketing is essential to maximizing physical store sales . Increasing the numr of visitors the purchase rate and the average spend per customer will lead to increas sales.

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