What is an online sales platform?

An online sales platform is a place on the internet where you can both create and manage a virtual store.In it, you register the products you want to sell, and consumers can easily access them through computers, tablets or cell phones.By the way, when selling products on an online platform, you gain several benefits. Some of them are:Low initial investment, since you won’t need to buy or rent a physical establishment to set up your store. All you have to do is access a free online sales platform (and we’ll list some of them below) and create your store; Consumers will not need to wait for business hours to purchase products, as is the case with physical stores. They can access the platform and check out the products whenever they want, which increases sales;
By creating an online store, you overcome the spatial limitations that physical stores have.

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With it, you can reach consumers from anywhere in the world, as they can access the store via the internet.Types of online sales platformThere are some types of online sales platforms, but the two main ones are marketplace and e-commerce.In summary, the marketplace is a broad platform that brings together several sellers in one place.An example is the Facebook marketplace: when you access it, you can find in one place several sellers offering a multitude Germany Phone Number List of products — cars, cell phones, clothes, houses, books, etc.On the other hand, there is e-commerce, which is more restricted, more exclusive. Here, you create a virtual store in which only you will sell products. There are no other sellers.You can learn more about e-starters and how to build from scratch in our complete guide.What does it take to create an online storeAnyone can set up a virtual store.


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Do you think will set up a successful oneWe have listed below 6 steps of what you need to do to create a promising virtual store:Determine the investment for the store. For this, analyze which products you will sell, the means of delivery you will offer, which marketing strategies you will use to reach customers, among other points;You need Email Data to regularize your virtual store, therefore, you must open a CNPJ to comply with Brazilian legislation. You can open a CNPJ as an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), for example Pay attention to the laws related to the operation of a store, such as the Consumer Defense Code, but also those related to the online store, such as the E-commerce Law;Analyze which are the best online sales platforms and, only then, choose the most suitable one for your business.

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