What is a sales funnel?

Perhaps you have already heard about the sales funnel, but by another term, the sales pipeline .In any case, both relate to the same concept: the strategy responsible for showing the business owner the entire journey a potential customer will take to become a customer.In other words, the sales funnel shows every step a person takes from the moment they first contact a company to the moment they buy something from them.As we said, this is a journey.Another important point is: for the sales funnel to be promising (make a future customer go through all stages of the funnel and then buy a product/service), the company needs to adopt assertive measures at each stage of the journey.Most common sales funnel typesAdvertisingBefore you think about creating a sales funnel for your business, it’s important to evaluate which type of archetype corresponds to your brand.

There are four types of

Most common archetypes, and in each of them the consumer has a different behavior, as well as the brand’s performance.sales funnel1 – Door handle funnel.The first archetype is the famous “door handle”.In this category, consumers do not waste a lot of time researching and evaluating options, because the prices are very affordable and they already have the habit of buying these products.They already have their favorite brands, because they already know and trust their Denmark Phone Number List products.The market is very competitive, with several brands vying for customers, and the funny thing is that even similar products can stand out in the consumer’s mind.Purchases are usually impulsive and made at the time, because everyone loves a promotion and a discount, right?This causes rival brands to spend a lot of money on marketing to capture customers’ attention and gain more market.


And look at this

It’s important that the product is available at the point of sale, because sometimes the customer buys just because it’s the only option there at the time.And guess what? Customers are not very loyal! If you paint a better offer, they switch brands on the fly.Therefore, brands are always chasing more customer engagement and loyalty. It’s a Email Data real game of conquest!He is very curious and appears more in business (B2B), where consumers are very demanding and think a lot before choosing a brand.These customers are smart! They ask questions, ask everyone’s opinions and even flirt with competing brands before making a purchase decision.The thing is, competing brands can get a bit stuck in supercompetitive industries where advertising doesn’t make much of a difference.The buying process takes a lot of time and involves several people, each with different goals.
Buyers and sellers are subject matter experts.

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