The Features It Provides to Web Servers

Apache is an open source software owned by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) that ensures the performance, stability and security of a web server. The Features It has become very popular among programmers due to its modularity and constant. Updating by the community, which actively contributes to the high capacity of this tool. Initially, you may be curious about the name of the Apache server. Which refers to the Native American tribe known for their great endurance in combat and superior war strategies.

The Features Disadvantages of Apache Over Other Web Servers

NGINX software was created to solve the problem top people data of processing failure when more than 10,000 user. Connections occurred simultaneously (c10k) and has also gained popularity. Basically the biggest advantage of NGINX over Apache is that it handles one request at. A time from a single process and therefore works better against a higher volume of requests. Tomcat was created by ASF itself and, therefore, its official name is Apache Tomcat. Just like Apache, it is an HTTP server , but it serves Java -like requests instead of static websites.

How does Apache work

If you don’t know how to create an institutional Email Data site or a blog , from this article you will begin to. Understand how the processes behind all the capacity of that technology work. The biggest advantage of Apache is its source code, which is freely available to anyone , with no license required. The ease of correcting errors also guarantees the stability of the page. An essential factor for the credibility of your company on the Internet. Furthermore, its modular capacity , with the possibility of constantly adding. New features, makes it scalable, reliable and required by most developers and technicians.

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