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A company that owns the trademarks and rights to a brand who sells licenses allowing franchisees to operate business locations using the trademarked brand. Franchisee: a person or company who pays a licensing fee and recurring royalties to open a business leveraging the parent company’s existing brand. Name. Services. And other proprietary property. Social media tool for franchises support your franchises with brand-safe content and easy approval workflows. Measure roi and grow faster locally and globally. Book a demo the unique challenges of franchise social media. Marketing enforcing brand guidelines you want franchisees to make. The most of social media marketing to grow their and your business.

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But how do you avoid a cringe-worthy faux paus. Like using an outdate logo in marketing materials? Answer: creating a detaile brand guidelines document and keeping it where all franchisees can access the latest version. Along with your brand assets. Bonus: get a free. Customizable social media guidelines template to quickly and easily create recommendations for your business database company and employees. Keeping content quality consistent besides using the right visuals and brand voice. Theres also the somewhat ambiguous judgment of social media content quality. Whats good when it comes to content anyway? Examples of consistency can be as simple as ensuring each post is free of spelling and grammar errors.

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Or sticking to one exclamation point instead of five. You know. The simple things. These quality standards should also be part of your brand guidelines document. Dividing responsibilities will your corporate head office handle all social media marketing. Using one account per platform? Will you create separate brand accounts for different regions or languages? Or. Will each Email Data franchise open and maintain their own social media accounts? Neither approach to franchise social media marketing is wrong. Just be sure to document your structure in your social media marketing strategy. Tracking performance and roi was the last black friday promotion effective? Or was it only effective in a certain market.

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