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Marketing. Product Studio Which Is Bas on Google’s Artificial Intelligence Engine Hopes to Make a Difference. It Facilitates the Creation of Customiz Product Images Without Additional Costs and Gives the Advertiser the Opportunity to Use Existing Product Images and Create New Alternative Advertising Images Bas on Them. with the Scene Generation Feature You Build Lifestyle Product Images from Your Own Basic Product Images Using the Text-To-Image Artificial Intelligence Model. with the Remove Background Feature

You on the Other

Hand as an Advertiser Create Product Images Without a Distracting Background. in the Future You Will Create the Background b2b leads for Your Product Images Directly on the Google Ads Platform Reforms Like This Will Streamline the Graphic Design Phase in Google Ads Advertising. You Can Create the Graphic Look of the Campaign When Setting Up the Campaign. It’s Probably Only a Matter of Time Until Ai-Assist Quick Iting of Raw Footage Is Part of the Campaign Building Process. Artificial Intelligence Aims to Turn a Single Expert

Into a Multi Talent

​​And Will Probably Succe in Doing So Whether We Like It or Not. Merchant Center Next Streamlines Online Store Marketing in the Last Two Years the  Email Data Number of Users of the Merchant Center Platform Has Doubl and Google Hopes That This Trend Will Continue and They Want to Make the Service Even More User-Friendly. Big News for Online Stores. Thanks to the New Features You as a Merchant Can Research Your Best-Selling Products Identify Your Competitors and Understand How Shoppers Interact with Other

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