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Since the start of the season, the last long weekend of the Constitution, with Formigal Panticosa and Serre on 6 December, the Aramón Group has been working hard the company to ensure snow and produce conditions suitable for skiing . Bad weather affecting skiing across Europe has limited skiable kilometers in resorts in the Pyrenees and prevented the group from launching its Javalambre and Valdelinares resorts.

The balance will be positive the company

The day-to-day work of the mountain team has ensured the skiing activity to date and maintained the visitor occupancy rate in the Pyrenees valleys, which will remain at around 80% until January 4th, while in This percentage will be lower as usual before the King’s holiday. The Alamon Group is executive data dedicated to Christmas traditions, such as the New Year and Three Kings torch parades, or après-ski events, where large crowds throughout the holidays also benefit the profession.

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General manager of the group

Despite the exceptional weather conditions experienced across Europe, Aramón has managed to maintain the winter season centers of Cerler and Formigal-Panticosa in conditions currently capable of sustaining occupation. ”. In addition, he noted that the events calendar and après-ski activities Email Data supported by the group have also prompted many tourists to choose these valleys as destinations. The weather forecast in the coming days will be favorable, which may lead to the expansion of ski resorts and their surrounding areas. kilometers and get back to normalcy that would be ideal for this time of year.

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