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In order to make UX successful in your own company it is important to refer to successful cases and design from the user s point of view without pursuing only profit. At the contathe disadvantage of taking time to reach the desir information and operator. Voice bots are interactive and understand the content of inquiries while interacting with users. This saves users the trouble of listening to long voice guict center customer analysis and creating a customer journey map can us to explore nes and make use of them in UX design.A voice bot is the voice version of a chatbot.

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That understands the voice utterance content of the other party and returns an appropriate answer by voice. It is mainly us for automating telephone inquiries and is also call AI automatic response system . In conventional telephone inquiries a computer bas automat voice system IVR Interactive Voice Response was often us. This system comprehends the content of an inquiry by pressi Taiwan Phone Number List ng the corresponding button in time with pre record voice guidance plays back the appropriate response voice or forwards it to the operator. While this ruces the operator s response time it has dance. Introducing CRM Solutions Introduction of chatbot solution Advantages of introducing voice bots There are three main advantages for companies to introduce voice bots for answering telephone calls.

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With a voice bot the operator s response time can ruc leading to a ruction in labor costs. Specifically the voicebot understands the user s inquiry content and basic attributes card numr phone numr etc. and passes it on to the operator rucing the operator s workload.  of the Email Data user s speech into text which can contribute to the efficiency of system input work. Prevention of lost opportunities Unlike operators voicebots can operate . Since we can respond to inquiries from users even on holidays and at night we can eliminate questions fore ordering and prevent opportunity loss.

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