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There is no price quote for the range of options that can support as they vary greatly depending on the service. In order to keep running costs down it is necessary to consult with a vendor about the functions that your company nes and obtain an estimate. On premise type case On premise CRM is a type that builds a server in house and installs and uses a purchas CRM tool . The on premises type basically connects to the company s own server through the company s network and coordinates the work of each terminal.

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Connection is not essential and in that case use in telework etc. is limit but it has the advantage of high security. The advantage of the on premises type is that you can freely customize the tools to install . On the other hand since maintenance and operation and additi Ecuador Phone Number List on of new functions require specializ knowlge it is necessary to prepare human resources with technical skills.  house consolidating server equipment in one location increases the risk of disasters. As a countermeasure it is necessary to separately prepare land and server equipment to remotely store data in a distribut manner. License fee In the on premise type a license fee will charg when using the CRM tool. The license issuance cost is about to yen per user.

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Licenses must issu accordingly. The availability period of the tool varies depending on the tool such as monthly yearly or permanent. In some cases you m Email Data ay ne to pay for version upgrades that occur after purchase. server cost With an on premise CRM you have to buy and install a server. The cost of purchasing a server varies depending on the scale of use and the market price is about to yen. Since it is install and operat in house once purchas it can us as it is. Equipment such as servers deteriorates and breaks down over time.

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