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Managing points of sale and branches, linking stores and supermarkets. In addition to registering all accounts and expenses. And managing customer and supplier accounts. Registration of items The accounting program helps you record and track all. The items that you deal with in your business. Where you can register an infinite number of items on a database and through the list of items, which includes stores items companies types units colors sizes export data.

Excel import data from an Excel

Print barcodes . How to manage warehouses If you are looking for a cashier program to manage points of sale in the supermarket, you should also Indonesia Telegram Data take into consideration the presence of lists within the program to take care of the store. The store includes many details that ne to be sav and monitor continuously. Items, companies, suppliers, lost items, and barcode registration.

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The items that you do not ne, and the prices of all items, and notice the discounts on each item. How to manage purchases The purchases list Belize Phone Number List helps in registering suppliers and their data registering purchase invoices amending purchase invoices purchasing returns purchasing returns without an invoice registeririz by the presence of more than one quick and regular sales screen , as the quick sales screen facilitates sales operations for the cashier employee and registers invoices quickly in the supermarket.

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