The Scenes Creating the Audio Recording Feature in GoodNotes


It was one of the most requested features from our users and was built by a group of 6 engineers. Ted, Carles, Pablo G, Inamiy, Calvin and Bret worked together behind the scenes to make the dream happen. We had a chat with Inamiy about what it was like to work on. This project as well as what it’s like to be an iOS developer at GoodNotes. Hi Inamiy! Thank you for taking the time share more about yourself. What made you want to join GoodNotes? ‍Two years ago, my friend Tomás who is also an iOS developer at GoodNotes. Reached out and encouraged me to interview at GoodNotes. Back then, the timing wasn’t right but the thought of working at GoodNotes. Stuck in my head. I already knew the product well and it had a great reputation. My personal interest in the educational field and lifelong learning continued.

Can you describe a day in your life

Growing and I realized that GoodNotes was the perfect match for my passion for iOS and education. I reconnected with Tomas, went through the interview process and luckily got an offer to join them! ‍As a remote worker in Japan who prefers collaborating with the team in sync. I adjust my working hours to overlap as much as possible. with my colleagues in the EU. I usually start my days with 30 minutes of jogging to kick-start. My body then spend a couple of hours reading to also kick-start my brain and Indonesia Mobile Number List thinking. I enjoy a silent working environment, as it allows me to focus at a very high level. I attend various virtual meetings with the teams, where I love hearing about what everyone is doing. After work, I spend time with my family and do some hobby programming.

Did you face any challenges while working on it

Since the overall development time for the feature was short, there is still a lot of room for improvements, which we will get to eventually. There are many new, high-priority, and exciting things ahead and the challenge is always to strike a balance between developing new and existing features. What is your favorite GoodNotes feature? ‍I love being able to search my own handwriting. It even recognizes my messy scribbles! ‍What do you love about your job at GoodNotes that you think we need to tell Email Data everyone about? ‍I would say, everyone here is so nice and friendly, and the company has a good culture for collaboration.

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