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 I am going to start with a small amount to Product Insights test, and depending on my feelings I will invest more and more in the coming months and years to come. Imagine that I want to invest between 30,000 and 40,000 euros right now . It is money “that I can simply invest”, that is, if I lose it “it does not affect me” in the sense that I do not need it to eat, but logically I want to obtain the best return with it. Let’s look at the 3 options that seem most interesting to me (I have friends involved in all of them and each one tells me “I should get into that one”): Option 1: Buy a house, renovate and sell The fault that I am considering this option lies with my friend Jesús Madurga .

Method is for investing Product Insights with third-party money

The other day he came to a dinner at my top industry data house with other entrepreneurial. Friends and was “funnelizing” us with how. Effective his method is for investing with third-party money. Summary: You give him your money He finds (with his team). Opportunities to buy at a good price and renovate. He sells it and gives you your share (he takes a 50% commission). I like it, because it fits with my “aggressive” way of approaching business. When. I start, “I go for it,” but it causes me some doubts.

Partner means even less money per head

PROS Madurga has a lot of experience, she Email Data  buys houses every week (literally). It can be a completely quick and perhaps safe source of income. If it is supported by it. In this case, to buy the house. I would join forces with Roldán , but having another partner means even less money per head. CONS. It is difficult for me to see that there is “a lot” of profitability, the margin that remains of the operation for me is only half. If what I want is a recurring passive income, it is difficult for me to see that. I can achieve it, I should be buying houses “all the time” and that implies a lot of constant investment Option. Buy a house and rent. The classic of the classics. The option that seems to never go out of style and that everyone recommends.

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