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Also known as a customer relationship management system when referring to tools. It is a system that can centrally manage customer information. In addition to customer attributes it is possible to manage a variety of customer information such as what products have en purchas in the past when they were purchas and when they last visit the store. Although the functions implement by the tools differ they generally have segment mail delivery and inquiry management functions.

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The creation and aggregation of questionnaires the creation of event forms and so on. Web analysis tool A web analysis tool is a tool that can analyze the access status of websites and blogs operat by the company and what kind of movements users are doing on the we Romania Phone Number List bsite. A typical tool is Google Analytics. By using web analysis tools you can clarify website issues.  bad there is something wrong with that page. If you can understand it you can analyze it in more detail and take improvement actions that lead to conversion up. MA Marketing Automation MA stands for “Marketing Automation” and is a tool that can automate marketing activities. Although the functions implement by the product differ many MA tools have functions such as automatic email distribution customer tracking scoring and lead management.

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Can automat leading to efficiency. In addition by extracting and analyzing customer havior it is possible to take an approach that is suitable for each individual. On the other hand it is necessary to careful cause a certain amount of know how is requir to master it. Points when com Email Data paring CX tools When choosing a CX tool think about whether it matches your purpose. Depending on the results and goals you are aiming for the tool you should choose will change. Another important checkpoint is whether or not it is easy to operate. It s no use having great tools if your employees can t use them.

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