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 Have we seen it?We saw it! Stages of designing a website Catalog Indexing What is Marine Extra Installation Setup Wizard Advanced settings through the theme panel Use Custom Pages and Posts Video Tutorial Conclusion What is Marine Extra is almost a mandatory extension of the theme. It is one of the most important extensions you can add to this well-known topic and in itself recommends that you install it as soon as you activate it.

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 A section called “ theme panel” will be created in the menu to enable   new data  you to customize the theme as much as possible, and you can also add specific customizations to each page and publish them separately. Imagine you want to place a menu on a page that is different from the main menu, or you want certain menus to have sidebars and others to not, or you want to use short codes in certain places on the web, and so on. .

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Do you believe? Okay, thanks, you can do it, trust it! Now let’s look at the different steps that must be taken to fully install and configure the extension. Installation You can download the extension from the official website and load it into you by uploading it from  Email Data  your hard disk. To do this, you must go to the “ extension ” section, search for the extension and download it to your computer, and then upload it to your website through the plugin section.

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