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By consolidating the data that was manag separ. Yately for each department in one place it comes possible to grasp the overall picture of each customer more accura. Ytely. Bas on that data we will able to conduct multifacet analyzes of each customer s nes purchasing trends and purc. Ihasing intentions etc. and it will possible to take approaches that match the characteristics of each customer . This indi. Ividually optimiz approach leads to improv customer satisfaction which in turn leads to the acquisition of repeat custo. Imers and the promotion of upselling and cross selling.

Knowing what your customers expect from

Your company is an essential part of build. Iing your brand strategy. In addition by analyzing the customer information aggregat in the CRM tool and calcula. Iting the LTV customer lifetime value to know how much profit each customer will bring to the comp Bolivia Phone Number List any in the long term it is possible to prioritize the customers to approach It is also possible to  of CRM measures In short CRM measures include various initiatives as follows. It is a good idea to understand the characteristics and points of each measure and consider introducing what suits your company. mail delivery The first example is email marketing. In email marketing we deliver various types of emails to customers such as email magazines step emails recommendation emails and follow up emails. However it is important to deliver emails with appropriate content and at the appropriate timing according to each customer s preferences and conditions.

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For example sending out multiple emails

That are not of interest to your customers is not only pointless but can leave customers with a bad impression. Conversely if you can send an e mail magazine that fits the interests of each customer you can expect an increase in conversion rate. As we have emphasiz so far CRM measu Email Data res help deepen your understanding of your customers and in that respect email marketing is a perfect fit. CRM tools not only organize customer contacts but also automate campaigns store and track customer response history to emails etc.

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