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Watch the video explaining how to manage supermarket and grocery accounts. Accounting program for groceries. The Easy Store program is the best grocery accounting program in the. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as you can use it as a cashier program, manage. Grocery activity with ease, and record invoices, accounts, and invoices for purchasesa. Cashier link with inventory for supermarkets and stores and the price pioneers solutions pioneers solutions.

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The program cost What does it include What is the duration of training in the program Hassan Abdel Hadi Ahm Hussein Hassan Abdel Hadi Ahm Israel Telegram Data Hussein You can contact me to purchase a copy Ali Ali Possible link to the trial version of the supermarket Amr Talaat Amr Talaat Cleaner.. trial version and price. Haitham Jamal Ahm Muhammad Haitham Jamal Ahm Muhammad Possible for a trial version and food items MohammMar Mohamm.

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Elgendy Accounts program

Managing supermarkets and groceries It helps you manage buying and selling operations smoothly, quickly and professionally. Supports Bosnia and HerzegovinaPhone Number List the Arabic language interface and issuing a sales invoice for any sale and printing it in seconds. Because the program is design to help you track your sales, and help you manage your sales, customers, and business activity. Through reports, you can track the sales of each cashier employee and know the statistics of buying and selling.

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