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In addition voice bots can respond to customers with a sense similar to that of a human operator so it is easy to use for elderly people who are unfamiliar with voice guidance and push button input work. Having a channel that can contact at any time without waiting is highly convenient for customers so it can expect to improve customer satisfaction. Disadvantages of introducing voice bots Despite the above advantages voicebots also have some disadvantages. One example is the risk of voicebots misidentifying customer inquiries.

The accuracy of voice recognition

And answers of voicebots depends not only on the accuracy of the system but also on the content of the customer s utterances and the communication environment. Therefore in the current system it is common to takeĀ  voice bot repeat the customer s words for confirm Vietnam Phone Number List ation or by confirming the content of the call by SMS after the call ends. target. Also it is important to note that regular tuning is necessary to prevent misrecognition and incorrect answers. The recognition accuracy and answer accuracy of voicebots will improve as AI repeats machine learning. Therefore in order to increase the numr of inquiries that can handl and to acquire advanc conversational skills that take human psychology into consideration regular maintenance is necessary and the costs and labor involv must also consider.

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What kind of problems can companies and organizations solve by introducing voicebots As a reference example to demonstrate this the following intro Email Data duces three case studies of voicebot implementation. Reception of government offices and local governments Voicebots are us not only by private companies but also by public offices and local governments. For example one municipality introduc a voicebot to its telephone reception enabling it to respond to inquiries from citizens even at night and on holidays. As a result citizens can now inquire about the information they ne at any time that is convenient for them.

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