Marketing for a cause A gift for teaching

At trade fairs, exhibitors implement multiple initiatives so that visitors come to their stands and learn about their products. From raffles and instant gifts to photo taking and shows, everything is part of the commercial arsenal to attract attendees. In a recent NSA (National Speakers Association) event that I participated in, I learned about this methodology, which I found very interesting and effective for both the exhibitors and the beneficiaries of the cause. Marketing for Initiative that you could implement at your next event. A gift for teaching The event welcome kit includes a list of school supplies that you should collect as you visit each sponsor’s stand.

A gift for teaching

After interacting with each one, he takes the corresponding gift (crayons, pencils, glue, etc.) and puts it in his backpack (also given by a sponsor or the NSA foundation). At the end of the event, return the backpack with all the supplies inside so that the executive data organizers can deliver it to the children’s foundation they support. A gift to teach We are excited to announce an incredible opportunity for all attendees to be part of the value of NSA’s Abundant Generosity . This year at Influence, we’re asking attendees to fill their backpacks with school supplies for a local nonprofit, A Gift to Teach , an Orlando-based nonprofit that supports public schools in Orange and Osceola counties as a primary source of income.

A gift to teach

Marketing for Free teacher supplies that help students who need it most. Students in more than 70% of public schools in Orange and Osceola lack the critical resources they need, impacting their ability to learn and thrive. During our Influence weekend, you can visit the Email Data booths listed below to grab and mark each of the supplies required to fill a donation backpack. Empty backpacks can be claimed at the NSA Foundation booth, located in the hall outside the Gatlin A/B room, and at the Coach SImple booth inside the exhibitors hall. Once your backpack is with the supplies on the list, you can hand it in at the NSA Foundation stand.

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