The future of digital advertising 2023 will be marked by innovation

Digital advertising is evolving by leaps and bounds, forcing agencies, advertisers and technology providers to adapt to a new context that is constantly changing so as not to be left behind in this new digital reality .

Professionals in this industry need to adapt to a context by innovation of constant change so as not to be left behind and face current challenges with the best solutions . Challenges such as a world without cookies that will affect the way we work in digital advertising in the future.

Innovation becomes a fundamental

The new economic reality offers new opportunities for marketers to be creative in acting efficiently while still investing for the future. Various studies show that companies that executive data thrive in periods of slowdown are, to a large extent. Those that balance operational efficiency with intelligent investment in areas such as R&D and marketing.

In 2023, advertising industry professionals will adopt smart technology. Which through automation and optimization allows teams to prioritize creativity and innovation.

Marketers will by innovation solutions

Cookies are getting closer to being eliminated by Google. Currently. Most audiences are not reachable or measurable with approaches based on third-party cookies. So finding new ways to reach the public is not a problem to be faced in 2024. But rather a challenge of the present. As Quantcast Email Data points out, “not only will they take market share. But they will also learn to thrive in a post-cookie future at an ever-increasing rate. “Companies that were slow to dive in will find themselves at a substantial competitive disadvantage.”

Therefore, in 2023, digital advertising professionals will focus on activating and measuring their actions without using cookies. Accessing new untapped audiences and substantially increasing marketing effectiveness and results .

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