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On social networks and the digital marketing strategy is there to help you in this process. Having a planned strategy for your networks will make your day to day much easier. In this article we explain how to pump your social networks with it. How to start pumping your social networks with digital marketing With the popularity of social media, many people are looking to grow both their personal and professional profiles. Therefore, a digital marketing strategy can help you spread the word on the networks with quality content designed for your target audience. Continue reading to learn how to put together a digital marketing strategy. briefing survey The briefing is a collection of basic data to have a basis on how to start a project. In it we find information that will help to achieve the objectives.

Some questions that can be answered in

The briefing are: What is the current status of your business? How do you relate to your customers and future customers today? What products or services do you offer? Do you use a strategy to capture customers? What is your main sales channel today? Do you have priorities? Which? What budget would be available for digital marketing? In which digital channels does your business actively operate? What grade do you give to your brand’s online presence. Who do you believe are the main competitors for your products or services? Definition of objectives After answering the briefing  Brazil Mobile Number List  questions, it’s time to define your goals. It is important that your goals are specific, time-bound and measurable so that they are realistic and achievable. And if you don’t manage to reach the expected goal, keep in mind that there is the possibility of adapting both the deadline and the action plan.

Publication calendar Having a publication calendar

Is part of a marketing strategy and it will help you a lot on a daily basis. That’s because when you think about strategic content and have it ready in advance, it prevents you from running out of content on a busy day or without creativity. Thus ensuring that your audience receives quality content frequently. Organic content vs paid traffic Organic content is content that does not use paid ads , that is, the publications you make on your social networks will only be  Email Data  delivered to your followers. However, we know that nowadays the engagement of organic content on social networks, especially on Instagram, is decreasing. And then the importance of paid traffic comes in . Also called paid media, it is done through ads to bring visitors to your social networks. Of course, it is possible to grow with organic content, but with paid traffic.

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