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Goal Is to Complete a Global Rollout by 2024. Merchants Will Be Notifi When the New Service Is Ready for Their Use. Do I Ne the Services of a Digital Marketing Agency When Artificial Intelligence Takes Care of the Care? Even Though We Hear Every Week About Revolutionary News Relat to the Use of Artificial Intelligence and Its Superiority Also in the Field of Marketing We Must Remember to Press the Brakes a Little with Enthusiasm. the First Fundamental Problem Is Language. Domestic Companies Advertise in

Finland Mainly

Finnish. Generative Chatbots Bas on Artificial Intelligence Are Quite Weak in Finnish. It Is Likely That the Finnish Language Is More Challenging Than English for the Google Ads Ai Engine as business lead Well. Double-Checking with Human Eyes Is Always Recommend Before Activating Ads – Now and in the Future. Full Automation Can Save the Marketer’s Working Time but at the Same Time Turns Artificial Intelligence into a Controlling Commander. Google Will Gladly Take Your Ad Club If You Don’t Show It Limits. Although Artificial

Intelligence Is Capable

Speing Up the Execution of Many Tasks Not Everything Should Be Put Under Its Responsibility. the Creativity Brand Knowlge and business database Interpretation of Professionals Are Still Requir in Building Planning and Implementing Campaigns. the Role of Human Labor Plays a Particularly Important Role in the Interpretation and Utilization of the Results of Artificial Intelligence. Without an Understanding of Consumer Behavior Ai Can Make Big Mistakes Bas on the Wrong Kind of Data Which in Turn Can Destroy a Large Part of Your

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