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Life in click the blue “Debug” button . In this example, we use the article about PHP . that appeare on our blog in December. When we enter its URL, Facebook will extract and show previously save information. In the Link Preview field we will then see what all other Facebook users will see. example – facebook debugger Refreshing photos and data in Facebook Debugger What if we have previously share or cache our Page and now we have made changes to it that are not yet visible on Facebook? Step – Refresh the page cache The first thing we nee to do is allow Facebook to download the latest data. 

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If we use cache on our website, we start by refreshing it. There are many possibilities and ways to perform this action. Colloquially speaking, it all depends on photo editor what website we have. For LiteSpee ​​server base sites , simply go to the LiteSpee ​​Cache plugin settings and click “Empty All” . We can also go to the subpage we want to share and clear the cache only at this address. cache – facebook Step – Reownload in Facebook Debugger Now that the cache has been cleare for a give post or page, we nee to rescan it in Facebook Debugger.

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It would be a good idea to choose a plugin that allows for payment automation. However, if we are thinking about creating a simple catalog relate to private individuals, the basic functionality will be the management of personal and contact data. how to create a wordpress directory After all, most plugins use to open a WordPress directory have at least a few Email Data common features. Here are some basic functionalities that we should consider. Options for adding new offers and eiting old ones. Tools for companies to present offers. Features for giving opinions and ratings. Search engine base on user’s location.

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