Is Natalia very motivated to look for a job?

Months after that, the counselor, the same one who taught the job search course, asks him to pass. Natalia seems to have gained a little weight. She looks very healthy. “Tell me, Natalia. Ah, very interesting, Is Natalia the number of resumes is tremendous, very good. I also see that you sent these resumes after the search techniques course you took. Very good. Tell me what you have continued doing in the last few months or in the last month to look for a job.” Natalia stared at the counselor: “What have I continued doing? But does what I did seem small to you?

Low motivation implies not trying

Too hard or following consistent plans, and falling into erroneous beliefs in the job search , such as that of quantity: “the more resumes I send, the more chances I will have of accessing a job.” Perhaps this idea executive data could be useful in other cases, but not in yours, given your inexperienced profile and the specific job market in which you operate and in which the search by classic candidacy is very inefficient. For these reasons, Natalia did not receive any positive response by return of mail.

To be incorporated into your marketing strategy. Who is your target audience? What mediums do you plan to explore? Which channels will generate the most revenue for your Consider all of these factors and more in your plan. Research thoroughly to cover all pros and cons. Create a detailed task framework. Analyze every aspect of the market and then take some action. 2. Expand your sales platform. If you want your business to pass all.

The word motivation is a wild card Is Natalia

Used in all types of contexts, both professional and personal. We ourselves tend to explain our habitual behaviors using the term more and more frequently. You have applied the technique of self-presentation Email Data or application by mail by sending a large number of resumes to different clinics. However, the search has not had the expected success: reaching the corresponding job interviews.

Natalia does not seem to have important or compelling reasons that generate intense search efforts, although from time to time she occasionally encourages herself to do so, as happened after the course.


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