Is it worth creating a virtual store on Shopify or Yampi

Creating a traditional website is not something that a layman can easily accomplish.Unless you’re self-taught, you’ll have a hard time creating and maintaining a functioning traditional website.A traditional site requires you to purchase:Next, we’ll explore in more detail why you should turn to solutions like Shopify or Yampi as alternatives to create a virtual store.Let’s cover each of the elements in the list above to provide as much accurate detail as possible.Website domains.Each of these items have costs that vary greatly. A .br TLD domain , for example, can be purchased on the website for at least R$40/year (it is cheaper to register for a longer period).However, if the domain you want is a TLD – which is a global domain – its price is usually more expensive.Of course, you won’t have any trouble finding cheap  TLD domain deals in the domestic market, but don’t be fooled.

The renewal price will be absurdly higher

A good way to get a  TLD domain at great prices, both for the first year and for future renewals, is to buy from the Namecheap website.At Namecheap , you can get your first domain for just $5.98 USD , which is cheaper than the national market offers, with our exclusive discount coupon. Advertising Website Hosting and SSL Certificate. As mentioned in the list above, there are still website hosting costs.This is one of the most expensive expenses, costing a basic Iceland Phone Number List plan around BRL 300.00/year.Obviously, the amount you will pay in monthly fees for solutions like Shopify or Yampi covers and exceeds when compared to the costs of basic hosting.But it is important to highlight that this will only be cheap if you have knowledge.Otherwise, you will have a lot of extra expenses for developers and paid plugins to solve basic problems.


As for the SSL certificate

Most hosts offer this item for free, but you can still find some that charge for it.Website Themes.
There is the last step which involves creating and customizing the website.If you choose to manage your website with a CMS like WordPress, you’ll probably want to purchase a theme or build your own with a website builder.There are free themes available, but if you want really fast, modern themes with Woocommerce plugin Email Data integration (essential for selling with your store), you will need to pay for one.It isn’t very cheap either. If you go along with the idea, a good place to buy high-quality professional WordPress themes is Envato Market .You will have access to several themes, the best available, and without a doubt you will have a professional quality store.Email services.Advertising As is the case.

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