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They are product (Product), price (Price), promotion (Promotion) and distribution (Place). Marketing can be define simply as placing the right product in the right place, at the right price, and at the right time. At first glance, it seems completely uncomplicate. In fact, it takes a lot of hard work to turn this simple definition into success, and thus to apply the various marketing instruments appropriately. If even one element is missing, a promising product or service may turn out to be a complete dud, and expose the company to significant costs.

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Marketing instruments use in the right configuration are a great way to provide customers with the right product, properly price, in the right place and time. The marketing mix is ​​a key tool to help you understand what your product or service phone number list can offer and how to plan a successful product offering. Over the years, the 4P concept was extende with additional Ps. The 4C concept was also create, taking into account the consumer’s point of view. Still, the 4P is a great place to start planning your product as well as evaluating your existing offering. We recommend Consumer Insight – how to use it? 4P among marketing instruments.

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The first P when it comes to marketing instruments is the product. The term applies to both goods and services offere by a company for sale. A pair of shoes, changing the wheels on the car, shampoo – these are all products. They are all bought because Email Data they meet one or more of our nees. However, we pay not for a material product, but for the benefits it gives us. In simple words, a product can be describe as a set of benefits that the seller offers to the consumer at the right price. When we buy shoes, we buy comfort for our feet. When paying for the service of changing wheels in the car, we pay for safety, because that’s what we expect when driving on tires adapte to weather conditions.

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