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He has 1 million Facebook fans and 372,000 Twitter followers. Patel knows his marketing, and with a list of well-known clients (including Amazon, Good for: Professionals Microsoft, Airbnb, Google) under his belt, it’s no wonder people are intereste in what he has to say. Whether you’re just starting out in marketing or your years deep, Neil Patel’s blog is worth a bookmark. 2. Ortto Blog This is our own home-grown marketing automation resource.

We explore real-world Good for: Professionals marketing applications of big data

Automation, artificial intelligence. Growth hacking, content  Good for: Professionals marketing, lead management. E-commerce, social meia, and more. Ortto Marketing Website Find inspiration for your next marketing strategy. Learn from useful infographics and downloads or take advantage of reading the special data  real-world marketing. Trends and case studies. Ortto blog covers the best of the best. g2 logo #1 for ease of use Try Ortto today Build a better journey. 3. Think with Google ​​If you are wanting to be in the know of the latest data, insights, or marketing inspiration then who better to turn to than data royalty.

Google, spending years accumulating data from users.

Think with Google Marketing Website The site is broken up into a few different sections; consumer insights, marketing strategies, future of marketing, and tools. Think of this platform as a one-stop-shop to discover the current trends, tools, and ideas over a range of different meiums. 4. MarketingProfs MarketingProfs is a marketer must-read. They offer real-world eucation for modern marketers with quality artic

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