Difference tween free and paid text mining tools

Whether the dictionary function is substantial In order to accurately analyze industry terminology and trend information words a comprehensive dictionary function is requir. One of the important points in choosing a text mining tool is whether or not the dictionary has the necessary functions such as whether it is easy to set up mining with technical terms us in your company and whether it can automatically correspond to words that reflect current events. . Ease of use is also an element that cannot overlook.

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Whether maintenance is easy and whether the difficulty of operation can handl by your company. Is the price cost effective Don t forget the initial cost and cost effectiveness. As mention earlier there are many types of text mining tools. There are also a wide variety of prices and exp Poland Phone Number List ense patterns and you can choose according to your company s policy and budget. Some text mining tools have no initial cost while others cost about yen. There are also text mining tools that charge monthly usage fees in the tens of thousands of yen so there is a wide variety. It is not necessarily the idea that free is tter or paid is tter but it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each carefully consider which text mining tool is suitable for your company and then introduce it.

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Numr of text miners in your company and the amount of data to handl. The initial cost and monthly fee will vary depending on the numr of people in charge and the am Email Data ount of data. Please decide the tool to introduce after assessing the cost performance. There is a difference in the functions install in the free version and the paid version of the text mining tool. The free version is more and the paid version is for companies and business owners who plan to operate it for business . The free version of the text mining tool is inevitably less functional.

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