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Select a tool that can operat with peace of mind by careful. Ily confirming the support aspect such as whether the contact point for inquiries is by phone or email what time . Iis the phone accept how much installation and operation support can receiv and whether the FAQ is com. Iplete . Let s call summary Data mining is a method of extracting and analyzing information according to the purpose from the huge amount of data accumulat in the database. In the field of data mining a system that analyzes text data using a technolog.

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Useful information is a text mining tool. LLSYSTEM provides contact center solutions that include VOC analysis using text mining. why not consider introd Turkey Phone Number List ucing llCloud  cloud bas next generation contact center platform provid by LLSYSTEM .Inquiries to contact centers are diversifying and it is coming increasingly difficult for operators to give appropriate answers. In addition the quality of responsiveness at contact centers is ti to the value of a company s products and services and has come more important. Until now we have carefully nurtur people and sought them out with human wave tactics.

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Is the knowlge recommendation tool. This is one of the business support tools for contact center operators. It works in conjunction with a speech recognition system to determine topics in real time from conversations tween operators and customers and automatically genera Email Data tes knowlge QA that is highly relevant to topics. It s what you see on the screen. An increasing numr of centers are considering introducing it cause it eliminates the ne for operators to manually search for knowlge leading to a ruction in man hours and improves the quality of customer service.

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