Essential Google Analytics Glossary for Marketers

Therefore, Do you know what Google Analytics is ? Do you know the most important terms of this powerful tool? In this post/infographic I talk to you about the most searched Analytics terms in a visual and simple way, so that you can master this platform more quickly. Essential Google Analitycs is undoubtedly one of the best diagnostic tools for the performance of your website. It is a platform that provides you with a lot of detailed information, allowing you to know if your website is fulfilling the purpose for which it was designed.

But to be able to

Interpret all the data that An alitycs provides us and improve our analysis capacity, it is necessary to master the basic elements of this tool. That is why in this infographic I have company data included the 45 Google Analytics terms that you need to know to be more confident when analyzing your website, segments or data. Terms like visitors or users, sessions, goals, landing page, page views, etc. These are some of the words that will help you master this powerful tool and that you can find in this post. Analitycs is a statistics analysis tool developed by Google and is used to analyze different aspects of the operation of a page or website.

Essential Google platform offers

Therefore, us information about the results of our website and with. This data we can make appropriate decisions about the strategies to. Follow to achieve our Email Data objectives and improve the performance of our website. With the data that Google Analytics provides us, we can. Know how users interact with our website and propose strategies to improve this data. After the introduction about analitycs, I will talk to you. About those terms that seem most important to me to master in this Google tool. Adsense: one of the main advertising tools on the Internet. It is used to place advertisements on our website. It allows you to generate income for each click that a user makes on that ad.

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