Email Marketing Course for Bloggers with Acumbamail

My Email Marketing Course for Bloggers with Acumbamail , now free and open to the public. 10 Videos in a public YouTube playlist. Hello! How is everything? Good? I hope so! I do, pretty good. The truth is that this last week has been one of the most productive of my life so I am happy . I’m starting to see the exit from that tunnel that had me lost and scared. Happiness happiness! That’s why I wanted to publish this Saturday post. A bonus that demonstrates my interest in publishing at least 2 posts a week again and that I hope will add value to you and be interesting to you.

Content of the Email Marketing Course with Acumbamail

The course consists of a playlist of 10 videos that will take you on a tour from registering a new account in Acmubamail to configuring advanced autoresponders . All with practical examples and explanations. To see the playlist, click the button in the upper left corner on the video at the top category email list of this post (Damn, I know, it looks like a gymkhana or the tests of an escapism game or something like that, but you tell me I will explain how you fire wood by text that you click on the play button at the top left… hahahaha). The videos that make up the content of the course:

Overview of Acumbamail, SPF and DKIM configuration

We walk through the registration of a new Acumbamail account and the initial configurations necessary to ensure good deliverability of our emails. Find out what DKIM, SPF is and how to validate your domain and Email Data shipping addresses. From Mailchimp to Acumbamail in full . As you know from the list of articles I have published about MailChimp , I used it before. Therefore, when I decided to switch to Acumbamail, I discovered that this would be one of my great challenges. In this video I not only explain how to import existing contacts, I teach you how to perform a total synchronization in real time between them.

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