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If you have basic information such as the customer s name age and birthday as well as information such as past purchase history and visit history it is possible to provide personaliz service to each customer bas on that information . Efforts to strengthen customer contact points Strengthening customer contact points requires strategic initiatives. First of all it is a good idea to create a persona of your ideal customer design a customer journey and then proce with omni channelization.

Persona settings By setting personas

You can see which customer touchpoints should strengthen and which customer touchpoints are more important. When setting up a persona it s important to make it as detail as possible. Create a customer journey map Next create a customer Palestine Email List journey map. The customer journey is the way a customer discovers a product or service and makes a purchase. By creating a map you can organize what kind of approach is requir for each purchase phase of the customer. Promotion of omni channel Omni channel is a sales strategy that integrates all customer contact points and sales channels within a company. It is an image that individual contact points and sales channels are not independent but are includ in one big circle.

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Omni channelization can further strengthen

Customer contact points and can also aim for effects such as ruc opportunity loss and improv customer satisfaction. Points for successful customer contact enhancement In order to succe in strengthening customer contact points it is essential to Email Data strengthen the system. Let s prepare not only resources but also the internal structure of the company. It s also important to strive for consistency when operating across multiple channels and miums.  certain amount of manpower. No matter how many points of contact you have with customers it is meaningless if you don t have employees who can properly manage them.

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