Tips to be a professional community manager

Many times they ask me Tips to what do you have to do to be a community manager ? » They have even asked me on Twitter, expecting me to give the answer in no more than 280 characters. Difficult answer, but we will try to answer it. We saw at the time what the profile of a community manager should be and we have also analyzed in other posts what this professional. 

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This is not learned Tips to overnight, no matter how simple industry email list it may seem. It’s not a matter of posting on Facebook and Twitter twice a week and that’s it. Whoever offers tweets or posts “by weight” is nothing more than a “publisher on social networks.” A CM must respond to a social media strategy previously defined by the social media manager . A community manager is the link between the brand or company and its consumers. Who gives voice to the brand on social networks and interacts with users.

He is responsible for the image on social networks

With certain periodicity I publish posts that will help Email Data you better understand this profession and, why not say it, learn good practices. In this article I am going to present some questions that will help us become good community managers. I hope you find them useful.What does it take to be a professional community manager? Below I give you a series of tips that will surely help you improve professionally as a community manager.

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