Capitalize on the urgency of black friday

Capitalize on the urgency of black friday by offering limit-time promotions. This creates a sense of rush among consumers that pushes them to act quickly . Be sure to clearly advertise your offer timer to maximize the effectiveness of this strategy.
Discounts for the most loyal customers
Don’t forget your most loyal customers! Reward their loyalty by offering exclusive discounts or special benefits. This will not only strengthen relationships with your existing customers. But will also encourage them to share your offering with others.

Communicate discounts and promotions

Communicate discounts and promotions via sms
Informing potential new database customers via sms is an effective marketing strategy for promoting offers and sharing discount codes. Thanks to the high opening rate and the almost immiate display of sms. You will be able to establish quick and direct communication .
Use qr code
Through the use of qr codes you can improve your customers’ shopping experience. A strategy that allows the connection between the online and offline world: place them in your physical store to guide customers towards your online store .

Qr codes can be us to offer extra perks

Additionally. Qr codes can be us to offer extra perks like signing up for black friday freebies or send them for easy gift card remption.
Insure free shipping
Implement free shipping for a limit period of time or grant it as a reward for Email Data purchases over a certain amount (for example over €100). By using this marketing strategy you can increase your sales on black friday and have satisfi customers for the additional savings!

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