Where to create biolink pages

Biolinks tools like Aveli Biolink are perfect for sending your paid traffic , simply because it has resources to install the most varied types of pixels.With the Aveli Biolink tool , you can install pixels from Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora, Snapchat and Twitter, as well as tags from Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.Understanding the main terms of paid traffic
Alright, just now you discovered options where to send your paid traffic, now, it’s interesting that you learn about the main terms used in this world.Learning them is useful to know what each step of the setup of your paid traffic campaign is about, in addition to the fact that most of these terms are common in the main ad platforms.The name itself is already very intuitive, in short, CPC is how much each click your ad receives costs.Most ad platforms offer the option for you to optimize your campaign.

If you place your CPC bid

Then the platform will not overbid you in the auction. This choice has the advantage of budget control, however, if it is an offer far below the market, you run the risk of not receiving clicks on the ads.The option to maximize clicks allows the platform to bid for you and guarantee many clicks on your ads.This is fine if you’re not budget conscious, but be aware that this choice can make CPC expensive.Cost per action is a more complex option because in this case you Malaysia Phone Number List are looking for people who take a specific conversion action.So your bid will be the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the conversion, for this you will have to configure the ROI – return on investment – ​​and the tag or conversion tracking pixel.Sometimes the CPA will also serve as a benchmark when you choose.

This means that the ad platform

Will try to bring automated bids as close as possible to the set CPA value. CPM – cost per thousand impressions.Like CPC, CPM has an intuitive name. It means that you place a bid corresponding to. How much you are willing to pay for every thousand impressions. Of your ads.In this case. Your Email Data ad to the audience. You have defined, without the commitment to try to generate conversions.This is useful if you want brand awareness or are very reliant on your ad targeting and setup and want to pay very little.UTM tracking.You know those huge links? So it’s quite possible that they are large because they are using UTM tracking parameters.UTM is an acronym for Urchin Tracking Module, a method for tagging and tracking links on the web. It was developed by a company called Urchin Software.

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