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No copier requir The introduction of Internet FAX eliminates the ne for a multifunction device that receives conventional FAX. MFPs are expensive and it is not uncommon for them to cost more than million yen. Even in the case of leasing monthly leasing fees and counter fees for receiving faxes will incurr. On the other hand Net FAX can send and receive without the ne for a multifunction machine so you can cut all the costs of a multifunction machine.

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Is no construction cost. It also eliminates the time and expense spent on maintenance of multifunction devices. Going paperless In recent years the business scene has come paperless. Going paperless has the advantage of rucing costs and office  of documents and impro Belize Phone Number List ving the corporate image as a proactive consideration for environmental protection. Cloud PBX net FAX can communicate via the groupware function so it is possible to share information without using paper. There is no doubt that it will lead to the promotion of paperless. It will also contribute to compliance with the Electronic Book Preservation Law that will go into effect in January.

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It is possible to save paper data until

The end of Decemr but after that it must sav electronically. Net FAX which is sent and receiv in PDF format is primarily an electronic data exchange. You can t miss the advantage of automatically complying with the Electronic Book Storage Law just by introducing Net Fax. Ruce run Email Data ning costs Conventional FAX requires running costs such as paper costs ink costs and printing costs. Until now it was common to think that these running costs were necessary expenses and depending on the company they may have amount to a considerable amount.

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